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Transarc 300I

by Cigweld

The Transarc 300i is a no-nonsense workhorse that handles the toughest stick and LIFT TIG welding jobs. This is ideally suited to medium to heavy-fabrication, construction, mining or agriculture industries.

  • Your safety is paramount so the Transarc 300i incorporates our Voltage Reduction Device (VRD), where voltage, before you start welding, is just 8V - about the lowest of any machine available, along with an optional simple handle mounted Deadman Switch that allows you to cut voltage at the stick before you start to zero.
  • Additionally, if the voltage at the terminals on the 300i goes above 35V whilst not welding, the machine immediately shuts down to prevent a shock.
  • Along with operator safety, we know you also want to keep costs down and ensure the longevity of your equipment.
  • We incorporated Fan-on-Demand which cuts power consumption and keeps the metallic dust on the outside. And best of all, with more power at your fingertips, there's no need to work the machine so hard. So you get a better duty cycle from the 300 series - up to 35% in fact.
SKU W1008305