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Torch JET408 Cyclone Flame

by Cigweld

The JET408 Cyclone Flame is part of our new CIGWELD BlueJet Range. Boasting ergonomic handling and high heat transfers, the CIGWELD BlueJet range offers a complete set of hand held fuel torches and fuel cells to suit soldering, brazing and heating applications! The best of all, our BlueJet Range makes it really easy for you to pick the best torch and fuel cell for your application

our JET408 Cyclone Flame works well with MAXGAS and PROPANE and is ideal for:

  • Brazing Copper & Steels
  • Hardening Steel
  • .
  • Heat Shrink
  • Heating Metals For Bending
  • Hospitality/Cooking
SKU 308408