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Magnetic Clamp Large

by Cigweld

Our WeldSkill Magnetic Work Clamps are the ideal accessory when welding and cutting. Easily keep your workpiece in place with up to 22kg holding capacity!

WeldSkill Magnetic Work Clamp

Multi-Angle – Allows you to hold your metal workpieces in place at various angles while welding.

Arrow Shape – Will hold both sheet and tube at angles of 45° / 90° / 135°.

Strong Magnetic Hold – This strong magnet secures ferrous metals (such as steel) in place – allowing you to keep both your hands free for welding accuracy.

Holding Capacity – Holds 34kg.

Durability – These holders are highly durable and made of heavy duty construction for years of use.

Ideal for use with: Mild Steel – Welding, Soldering, Assembly, Pipe installation, Marking off, Floater, Hanging Applications etc.

Magnet must be removed immediately after use. Magnets are susceptible to extreme heat. Please always use a glove to remove and manoeuvre magnets.
NOTE: Magnets do not work with non-ferrous metals such as Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel etc.
SKU 646765