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Electrode Weldskill Cast2steel 2.5mm 10 rods

by Cigweld

WELDSKILL CAST2STEEL is a basic, graphite coated Nickel / Iron electrode manufactured by CIGWELD for the higher strength repair and maintenance welding of Spheroidal Graphite (S.G.) irons, austenitic cast irons, meehanites and a wide range of grey cast irons. It produces a soft stable arc with minimal penetration and spatter and is very tolerant to parent metal contaminants such as oil and dirt. The ductile Nickel / Iron weld deposit is machinable with the higher strength required for welding S.G. irons. Where higher joint strength is important, WELDSKILL CAST2STEEL may be used for root and fill passes followed by capping passes with Castcraft 100 for a smoother surface finish.

Procedure for Welding Oil Contaminated Cast Iron:

For welding oil impregnated cast iron an increased arc length of up to ≈ 6mm is recommended to reduce the porosity in the weld deposit (caused by the oil) to an acceptable level. For heavy oil contamination, preheating the cast iron up to 200°C will also help to reduce porosity levels.


• Maintenance Welding of S.G. Cast Irons.
• Joins Cast Iron to Steel.
• Lime Fluorspar / Graphite Coating.
• Higher Strength Nickel / Iron Deposit.
• Easy starting and stable running on portable 240V Welding Machines.