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Welding Tip Oxygen/Acetylene Type 551 - Size 12

by Cigweld

Manufactured from copper, capable of welding mild steel (Oxy/Acet only), brazing (various materials) and soldering (silver solder & soft solder). Each welding tip is individually swaged to ensure proper alignment for uniform flame, sizing and free-flow contour

  • This patented innovation from Cigweld provides an additional tough wearing layer for superior durability, plus minimises heat discolouration.
  • With continued superior performance, the Cigweld Comet Black Nickel series offers a full range of consumables to tackle any gas cutting, gouging, welding or heating task.
  • These consumables are designed and manufactured to exacting tolerances to ensure precise compatibility, quality and lasting performance.
  • Flame tested to ensure optimum quality and performance
SKU 307002